Fantastic Floridas explores the intersection between Florida, literature, art, culture, and the uncategorizable, while highlighting Florida writers, presses, lit mags and literary organizations. The name is taken, out of context, from Rimbaud’s poem, “The Drunken Boat.” The goal of FF is to form an online hub that engages readers in a conversation about Florida’s relationship to literature and art, and artists' relationships to Florida.

We are particularly interested in work that avoids common stereotypes, cliches, and tropes associated with Florida. Don't discount the weirdness, just handle it artfully.

We are open to all kinds of genres of work, as long as there is a strong Florida connection. 

Use this nonfiction category to send us:
  • Creative nonfiction (narrative journalism, lyric essay, personal essay, travel writing, experimental / hybrid, etc.)
  • Author interviews (there must be a strong Florida connection to the author or the work evident in the interview)
  • Conversations (between two or more writers, concerning the role of Florida in literature, specific Florida books or writers, the influence of Florida on literature, etc)

Please DO NOT send us:
  • Book reviews (unless you are using a book as a springboard for an essayistic meditation on Florida / Florida literature... see "creative nonfiction")
  • Full length manuscripts

WORD COUNT: No minimum word count. Max word count for all submissions: 5,000. Query for longer work.

Simultaneous submissions are okay with us.

PLEASE wait to receive a response on a submission before submitting again. Response time: 1 - 2 months.

PAYMENT & RIGHTS: We currently do not offer payment for writing that appears on Fantastic Floridas. We ask for first serial rights, and electronic archival rights. Rights revert to you upon publication. If your piece is published elsewhere, please credit Burrow Press' Fantastic Floridas.
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